Hugga-wear is a clothing and apparel company based out of Florida.  It began with the idea of accepting people for who they are without judgement.  We wanted to boldly say that people should love one another regardless of the choices (good or bad) that they have made.  Some of our designs are meant to be shocking and even slightly offensive to get people take a good hard look at how they treat others who are different.  We believe that the book of John says it best, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  However, some of them are just plain funny!  Everyone needs a good laugh sometimes, and nothing shows acceptance more than a hug.

We are looking forward to expanding our line of products to other clothing and apparel items.  There are more than 50 new designs currently in the works.  We welcome feedback, so feel free to share comments, ideas, stories, and other craziness of Hugga-wear fans/friends in action…GAME ON!!!

Invisible Image - Farley